July 26, 2012

that holiday only celebrated in utah,


this past tuesday was pioneer day here in utah! chad had no idea what pioneer day was until he moved here so i was happy to introduce him to the holiday. we decided it was the perfect day to spend at the pool celebrating with the family with no work for the both of us that evening (which never happens!) we got some sun, ate at the best new cafe on center street in provo called enlighten, and ended the night with fireworks in our neighborhood. i don't think there is anything better than summer days like this, especially when spent with such good company. 


  1. i loved pioneer day when i lived in utah! i'm stil so sad we didn't meet up this last week...next time we won't be such meat heads and lose phones and sleep in...promise!

  2. Haha! How funny. You're totally fine. Hope you had fun on your trip. Call us when you come visit again!