December 30, 2011

Our First Christmas.

Here are a few shots from Christmas day with the entire family. Hope yours was wonderful!

December 14, 2011

Study Break.

This week is finals week & we couldn't be more excited to be finished with the semester! 
We needed a little break from all of the studying today so we got lunch
 & these sweet little treats below. Now just one more test & an essay for us and we are
 headed home to spend time with family in Lindon and in California. 
We cannot wait to start the holiday break.

December 5, 2011

A weekend home.

Last Saturday we took a trip home to spend some time with my brother & his wife. They taught us how to make our very own sushi rolls. They were so simple to make and taste just as good. We ended the night at 2 a.m. with 12 rounds of Scattergories (we really liked this game) and a movie. It's almost guaranteed a good night when we come home to spend it with family.
 Maybe that's why we always seem to end up in Utah County..
Hope you learned something new this weekend :)