July 26, 2012

that holiday only celebrated in utah,


this past tuesday was pioneer day here in utah! chad had no idea what pioneer day was until he moved here so i was happy to introduce him to the holiday. we decided it was the perfect day to spend at the pool celebrating with the family with no work for the both of us that evening (which never happens!) we got some sun, ate at the best new cafe on center street in provo called enlighten, and ended the night with fireworks in our neighborhood. i don't think there is anything better than summer days like this, especially when spent with such good company. 

July 23, 2012

we're a little dog hungry

we've been wanting a dog for quite sometime now. our last two apartments haven't allowed pets (hence why we currently have a fish) so we are still waiting until we can score some luck. to hold us over for a little while we took my parents crazy dog bentley on a walk in the park on sunday. sadly for this dog he has to be on his leash at all times or else he will make a run for it. bentley doesn't get out too much so i think this may have been the highlight of his week!

oh and isn't my husband handsome? i just love him.

July 17, 2012

lavender in the summer,

:photo taken on my sisters front lawn

   is it just me or has summer completely flown by? i seem to always feel this way
because summer has been/always will be my favorite time of year. i plan on 
enjoying every ounce of it i can get before it's over. some of our plans ahead
include: an anniversary road trip, farmers market mornings, sunny trips to the 
 park, and taking lots & lots of pictures. 

July 12, 2012

A week of laziness,

This week I have been a little under the weather. I know I know.. who gets a cold in the middle of july? Welp, I guess this girl does. Anyways it has actually been pretty nice lounging around with the husband in our apartment all week. We've actually been able to relax in our new place for the first time, make breakfast together, & lay in bed all day talking about the little things that have made us happy this past year. I still feel like the luckiest girl to be married to my dearest. Thanks for taking care of me all week!
::This little video has been playing all afternoon in our place today. Hope you like it!

July 8, 2012

The Fourth of July,

The fourth of july has always been one of my favorite holidays. We celebrated this year 
with the parade in provo, a bbq with both of our families (my cute in-laws are in town!), 
and the stadium of fire that night. I have been going to the stadium of fire ever since I 
can remember & I don't think that it will ever get old, especially if the beach boys are playing. 
I hope your 4th was just as wonderful!