January 7, 2013

San Francisco,

Oh how I love this city & the handsome boy pictured above. I was one lucky girl to spend a day last week with both. Every time I head into SF I get a little excited because I love everything about that city. And experiencing new cities/places with the husband makes everything so much better. 

January 4, 2013

Over the holidays,

For the holidays this year we were able to spend Christmas in Sacramento with Chads family. Can I just say that I seriously could not have scored better in-laws. They made the week so much fun. Our week consisted of a trip to San Francisco, bowling with the family, shopping at vintage YSJ, watching lots of movies, & eating great food. It was exactly what Chad & I needed before we head back to school & back to the bitter cold of Utah (single digit weather is not okay). I hope you had a great holiday just like we did. Happy 2013!

^ New Years Eve at the parents. Chad almost fell asleep before midnight. party animals is all i can say.