February 28, 2012

Our new getaway

Last weekend Chad & I packed our bags and drove to St. George with the family for a quick little getaway from the cold and studies in salt lake. Just a few highlights of our trip include hiking through Snow Canyon (which was so beautiful), breakfast at Bear Paw, trying to play tennis (tennis really isn't my sport), watching my dad play dance central to drop it like its hot, visiting old friends, and my husbands birthday (more pictures to come). Oh and my parents invested in a little house of their own just down the street from where we stayed. Looks like we'll be making a few more trips down south from here on out. 


February 19, 2012

Sunday Adventures,

Meet Miss Pretty and Mr. Stinky. According to our new primary class filled with 
7 & 8 year olds we are not known as Anna and Chad anymore. Our class just 
may be the most rambunctious class of the entire primary but we already love them. 
We are now embracing sunday naps especially after the blanket of snow we 
woke up to this morning. Thank goodness we will be heading to St. George 
next weekend for what we hope just a little bit of sunshine!

February 14, 2012

happy love day!

Chad & I enjoyed our own little dinner at home this year. I made his favorite meal, chicken parmesan
 (I swear he could eat that meal everyday for the rest of his life and be happy). This holiday may
just be one of my favorites considering all of the sweets that fill our home right now.

Hope your Valentines Day was wonderful! 

February 1, 2012

Dreaming of the weekend

Isn't my husband handsome?
 I cannot wait for the weekend so I can actually see that face of his. Our schedules for
 the new semester are not exactly what we had in mind... We think it's been a pretty 
good day when we get to see each other for an hour or two. 
It is not something we want to get used to. 
Thank goodness for the weekend!