November 27, 2011

A week full of birthdays.

Chad & I celebrated my 21st birthday this past Tuesday. Yep, 21! Feels amazing. He surprised me with nutella crepes in the morning (which are my absolute favorite) and dinner with my closest friends that night. Little did I know, he had been planning this dinner since the week before working out everyone's schedule so they could celebrate my day of birth! I felt pretty special and so lucky to have a husband to take the time to plan something for me. But this was not the end of celebrating. It was my older and little brothers birthday this week as well. Our family had two birthday dinners and ate way too much cake the entire week. With Thanksgiving thrown in the middle I think our family had a pretty great couple of days. Hope your Thanksgiving week was just as sweet!

November 13, 2011

Missing sunshine

I found a few pictures and videos from our snorkeling adventure on our honeymoon today. 
Makes me appreciate the blizzard yesterday that much more. 
Hope you had a great snowy weekend!

November 2, 2011

Halloween Night in Daybreak.

Chad & I spent Halloween night at my brothers house in Daybreak this year with my family. It was the perfect place to be on Halloween night. Each street had the cutest halloween decorations and everyone was dressed up. My sister-in-law Jen made an amazing dinner with lots of fun Halloween desserts. We then had the privilege of taking this little vampire below trick-or-treating. Chad & I dressed up as cholos along with a few other creative costumes in the family which included a ghost, witches, a robot, and the creep in the movie The Strangers. Hope your Halloween was just as fun!