May 11, 2012



Now that life has slowed down a bit I can finally catch you up on what we
have been doing lately. We finished finals last week, found a new condo in
sugarhouse (we move in next month and can't wait!), got new jobs, and have
 started to enjoy the warm weather outside. Summer seems to be off to a great start for
us and we couldn't feel more blessed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

breakfast this morning in the sun // house hunting for weeks // post-finals peach for me // my new
favorite furniture store... if only it wasn't so expensive // cute little oliver turned 3! 


  1. when do you move into your new place ? I want to see it :) miss and love you rat hope all it well

  2. we move in on june 10th! you'll have to come over when we settle in! can't wait to see your new place too! love you abs!

  3. Replies
    1. it's closer to our work and it's a little bigger!